A man was arrested and charged at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after opening the emergency door of a just landed plane


A United Airlines passenger on flight 2478, who was not identified, was taken into custody Thursday morning at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport after opening an aircraft door and walking out onto the wing of the plane while it was moving toward the gate after it landed in Chicago. „He crawled over one person and then three people on the other side and went out that door,” another passenger remembered describing facts. It is unknown if he was under any type of influence. Charges are pending. “Our ground crew stopped the individual outside of the aircraft, and the person is now with law enforcement. The plane was delayed 20 minutes on the tarmac before continuing down the runway. The plane then arrived at the gate and all passengers deplaned safely,” the company said.


The flight took off from San Diego on Wednesday night. Later on the day was known that California man Randy Frank Davila, 57, has been charged with reckless conduct. He will appear in court on June 27. Such incidents sometimes occur. In February, an American Airlines flight attendant had to hit a man with a coffee pot after he tried to open the passenger door mid-flight. The FAA received more than 5,500 reports of unruly behavior last year. When a plane is in mid-air neither passenger would have been able to wrestle the door open because the tremendous pressure holding the door in place, more than 1,100 pounds against each square foot of its surface. Legally, even the attempt is a serious offence.