Embarrassed mother closes Disney-world holiday crowd-funding campaign


The women works part-time in a hospital two nights a week and according to her statement she cannot save enough money to take her two daughters, age 12 and 10, to the U.S. theme park. Looking to get £5,000, she created a GoFundMe page for this cause. But little did she know that despite the high number of people sharing her page she would only manage to raise £10 and attract a lot of abuse.

The post has been shared and ridiculed more than 18,000 times on various social media platforms. People were outraged that the woman didn’t consider working more to afford the holiday and that she was competing with other crowdfunding campaigns made to save the lives of people in need for different treatments. Nikki Smith declared she didn’t expect that people would react like they did and ultimately realized creating the page was a bad idea and thus decided to take it down. When asked what made her want to try the approach in the first place, the woman answered: “I just thought it would be the only way it (the holiday to Disney-world) would ever happen”.


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