A Canadian man offered a free round-the-world trip to a totally unknown woman


The entire trip will be already documented and shared online. In fact, Jordan Axani planned to do this trip early this year, with his girlfriend named Elizabeth Gallagher (this is important). He procured discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their relationship ended and he didn’t want her ticket to go to waste. And this is the point when this story began. The ticket had a strict no-transfer policy, but since passport information was not required when booking, it can be used by any Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher. So Axani announced he is offering a totally free trip around the world, for a girl with the same name as his ex-girlfriend. Finally, after being popular Reddit social media website his offer produced a companion: his travel mate, Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher, is a 23-year-old student and part-time office administrator from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. The “new” Elisabeth likes to travel too. She has a boyfriend and because this she and Axani established to have a strictly platonic relation during trip.


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