Disabled cruiser makes it to Seychelles


Fortunately this time no overwhelming casualty occurred. Only two guests from Russia got injured.

The ship was carrying almost a thousand people and they safely reached the land. According to the cruiser officials, no crucial situation came up.

636 passengers were on board as well as a team of 413 crews. The majority of the passengers were from Europe. A few were from the U.S and Canada. 

The cruiser line was desperate to make a good impression. Norbert Stiekema, a high official of Costa cruiser said that the speedy recovery and the crew’s excellent handling of the situation were something to be proud of.

A few passengers described their experience as the journey of horror.

A woman named Mari-Anne Thon said that there was raging fire and pitch black smoke. She choked as she continued. She was extremely happy to be back on the land.

David Tinson considered the cruiser as a death trap that floats and feared for something worse.

Another passenger Gordon Bradwell was doubtless about the possibility of a greater catastrophe.

But they were satisfied with the crew’s grip to handle the situation with calmness and discipline.

The cruiser line offered the guests a recompense package.

The package will give the passengers opportunity to get full money back guarantee along with a paid vacation in Seychelles. Passengers not willing to stay will get free vacation with Costa cruiser in the next 24 month.

Another payment plan is also included. It was described as “indemnity” payment. It includes total cost of the cruise with other necessary spending. People taking this payment would have to give up the chance to sue the company.

Costa boss Stiekema said the offer was quite generous. Any one thinking differently can sue the company, he said.

The company claimed that 70 percent of the guests had decided to take vacation package. And other 30 percent chose to go home on flights paid by Costa.

The authority didn’t explain why the fire broke out. They also didn’t shed any light about the generator failure.

A powerful fishing boat started towing the ship to Port Victoria on Tuesday. Later the Coast Guard gave a helping hand.



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