A mom won a battle, helping nursing mothers travel with pumped breast milk


The nursing Southern California mother was stopped from taking breast milk through airport security in January 2010 at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport. She was traveling to Los Angeles with bottles of pumped breast milk for her seven-month-old son. She asked that the milk to be alternately screened. “I was told right off the bat that the milk had to go through either X-ray or to be thrown in the trash,” said Armato about this story. Even more, she was harassed by TSA agents and forced to stand in a holding area, more than 30 minutes of waiting. The  police allowed the breast milk to skip the X-ray. Now, TSA will be obliged to clarify its internal procedures for breast milk and will make online guidance for nursing mothers traveling with breast milk. Armato is a lawyer, a member of the board of Breastfeed LA, an advocacy group. She expressed the hope that “moms can now travel more confidently with their breast milk.” Is noticeable that at first, in 2010, she could find no lawyers to represent her.


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