The Celebrity Millenium vessel interrupted Alaska cruise because one motor was broken


The passengers on the interrupted cruise will receive a full refund, chartered air travel home and certificates for a future free cruise offered by the company. The vessel is owned and operated by the Royal Carribean Cruise Lines.
In a company statement was clearly spoken that the passengers were never in danger. The cruise was cancelled under “an abundance of caution”.
The first problem with the same engine previously occurred on August 13, causing a delayed arrival in Seward, when the cruise was shortened.

Celebrity Millenium was built at Chantiers de L’Atlantique in St.Nazaire, France, and was launched in 2000. It was the world’s first ship to use a turbo-electric COGAS power plant (comprising gas and steam turbines).
This vessel is at the top of the rankings among large cruise ships. Celebrity Millenium was emerged in May 2012 with many award-winning Solstice Class features.


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