Passengers on a Cruise Ship Vent their Fury Online

The engine of a cruise ship cut off power leaving over 4,000 passengers and their crew stuck with no alternative but to wait for a rescue team. On Sunday morning, the Carnival Triumph’s engine room was on fire and this messed up the engine leaving the cruise ship adrift the Mexico Gulf.

It was not until Thursday night that the ship eased into port and the passengers expressed their disappointment. They confirmed that the conditions aboard the ship were extremely uncomfortable. Some say feces and urine streamed down walls and halls as the facilities failed and the smell of spoilt food and waste coupled with little to no air conditioning was a complete nightmare. As the ship pulled slowly into mobile dock in Alabama, the passengers shared their stories and frustrations.

Most of them preferred to use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Numerous questions were also raised as to why it took such a long duration to rescue the passengers. The company said there were several aspects that need to be factors in and they cited safety as top on the list. They said that it was deemed safer to have the cruise ship towed in rather than having the passengers transferred to another ship.