Huge upsurge in sugar-free Easter treats reported by Australian chocolatiers


Besides the main significance of the Christian holiday, many people around the world associate Easter with sugar rich goodies. But this could all change, as more and more people turn away from chocolate eggs and bunnies and choose instead healthier and more ethically-made chocolate. Popular chocolate Easter egg replacements usually have raw cacao as a filling combined with a creamy mix such as a combination of coconut oil, coconut nectar and coconut butter. Other popular fillings are cookie dough or peanut butter.

Today’s current obsession with sugar-free, vegan foods has led to stores also selling Easter sweets rich in raspberry or other fruit fillings. GoodFood reported that their healthy Easter options outsold the traditional treats: “It’s unbelievable, ever since it launched three years ago, the audience jumped on it straight away, and it’s still consistently been our biggest seller”, a representative declared.


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