Nestle forced to no longer use its actual Nesquik Hot Chocolate’s promo slogan in the U.K.


Spermarkets like “Asda” were also criticized for accepting as it is the promo content provided with product. What was incriminated by a children’s advocacy group who upheld a complaint was the fact the product was “high in added sugar.” I its replica, Nestle sustained once again that Nesquick Hot Chocolate is for real “a physically active, energetic character who could promote a healthy lifestyle.” They also said that more than half the sugar in the prepared drink came from lactose, which was found naturally in milk. ASA’s position was not modified. They simply imposed that “the ad therefore should not have appeared at all.” So Nestle finally conformed: “we will no longer use the statement in our UK advertisements and are actively looking for solutions to help us reduce sugar.” Malcolm Clark, coordinator of the Children’s Food Campaign, pushed the claim a little more asking the Government to take a stronger lead in its forthcoming obesity strategy.


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