People in Australia can make money by designing and selling Domino pizza


The earning potential from this profit-sharing pizza program is between 25c and $4.25 per pizza. $4.25 may be possible when editing some recipe pizzas. The earned money can even be partly donated to charity. PizzaMogul is stimulating this new trend of teenagers getting to make and share their own pizza ideas by having an online leaderboard, the PizzaMogul MogulLeaderboard, where other pizza lovers can see who is the number one and which other people are aspiring to be.

Additionally the company encourages people to post pictures of their Mogul creations which are then shared on social media websites. Added bonuses for things like team work bring people together in teams to help them make more money. The idea seems to have sparked so much interest that the company is already advertising on TV some of the users’ recipes which have made it to the Domino’s menu (only for online purchases).


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