New York-based restaurant owner claims Google glass fans hurt their business


The restaurant manager claims that they were forced to politely ask another glass owner toward the end of last month to remove the spectacles. This happened when other customers did not felt comfortable eating around someone with a camera. There was no problem then and the manager thought it shouldn’t be any problem now. Katy Kasmai, the woman who was asked this time to shut down the glasses was upset to hear this and chose to leave the restaurant.

The woman posted a review about her experience online and sure enough many other people who identified with her story began posting replies. It was only a matter of time until someone jumped and asked everybody to post a bad review for the restaurant where only Kasmai had something to eat. The New-York based restaurant Feast, which has a solid five star rating on Yelp, dropped to a staggering 2.4 star rating(last week) on because of the negative reviews it got from the mob of + users who thought they should make justice. Restaurant managers say this is bad for business. Though, their rating on + has increased a little since last week and is now at 3.1 stars.


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