Chicago burger joint serves Burger with Communion Wafer Garnish


"Ghost are easily recognizable due to their eccentric on-stage presence, five of the group's six members wear hooded robes, while the vocalist appears in skull make-up, dressed as a Roman Catholic Cardinal. " (Excerpt from the Swedish metal band's Wikipedia page)

The burger that praises ghost is really tasty. It is made out of beef patty, chili, white cheddar and then topped with braised goat shoulder. The addition of the cracker with a decorative cross, the communion wafer garnish, made this burger controversial. The director of operations for the burger joint didn't expect the wave of thousand of reactions for the burger. Church representatives believe that this burger crosses the line while other people even appraise the idea of such a burger that is both delicious and innovative.

When Kuma's Corner was asked whether they will take the burger off the menu they declared that they are not going to do it. Next they explained that they are not trying to upset anybody but just want to support what the band Ghost does.


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