After Midnight menu test on some McDonald restaurants


This innovation appeal most to young customers but it’s about an important percentage from McDonald’s daily clients. The new offer is susceptible to increase more McDonald’s popularity and this is an important goal to be achieved now, when the chain reported its first monthly sales decline in nearly a decade.

“Our customers want convenience around the clock and we are making it easier to eat at McDonalds’s with more 24 hours restaurants open than ever before” said a McDonald’s representative explaining this new strategy. However, it’s a slow implementation and it will need some time to be available on all locations around the country. As an example, northern Indiana began offering this new menu this week but Chicago area will have to wait for After Midnight. Other actual beneficiaries are the people in Delaware and Texas.

More than 7000 US restaurants of the McDonald’s chain are open all the time and potentially can be included in the test. The officials of the company evaluated breakfast as a growing category. The new After Midnight menu is available from midnight to 4 a.m.


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