Dominos has clever new way to promote itself with DVD pizza smell


Domino’s unique ad can be found/smelled only for a couple of movies like “Argo?” or “The Dark Knight”. When someone rents one of these movies from their local movie rental place he or she won’t immediately know that the movie also has a nice surprise for them.

The unsuspecting customer will open the DVD box and will see a DVD disc with what appears to be no art on its cover. Actually here is where Dominoes Pizza ad is hidden. The advertisement is printed with “Thermal Ink” and the disc art of a never played DVD disc looks almost bland on it.

Once a movie DVD is inserted in the DVD player the heat from the movie player slowly heats the ink. While the movie is played the smell of baked pizza will be felt in the room. And after the movie is over when you go to remove the DVD disc from the DVD player you will have a big surprise. The cover art shows now an image of cooked pizza and a text advertisement asking you to have a delicious Domino’s pizza with your next movie.


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