Perfumes from top brands might soon be banned in Europe because of allergy causing ingredients


Europe’ Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety updated the previous common ingredients list to 100. EU advisory committee explained why ingredients such as Tree moss must be banned and other should just be reduced. The more a perfume has natural ingredients, the more it poses as a greater risk of allergies. Tree moss provides the woody scent for Miss Dior and Chanel’s No 5. The scientific review that listed the 100 common ingredients that could cause allergies concluded that tree moss should be banned.

A chairwoman from Chanel declared that “It would be the end of beautiful perfumes if we could not use these ingredients”. Her theory might be right! Chanel No 5 is currently being sold at an alarming rate: one bottle sold at every 30 seconds world-wide. The famous perfume did not cause harm to anyone until this date. An EU commission spokesman declared that the European Commission doesn’t want to ban Chanel No 5 and that there is still a long way until changes to the current legislation are even considered.


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