The annual Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade was postponed from February


For the first time in a century, the annual Rio de Janeiro Carnival parade won’t be held in February. More, no new date has been set. Rio’s League of Samba Schools, LIESA, announced Thursday night that the spread of the coronavirus has made it impossible to safely hold the traditional parades. This changes many things and even the life of people linked to the carnival as a source of livelihood. The samba schools are community institutions so „an entire cultural and productive chain was disrupted by COVID,” Luiz Antonio Simas, a historian who specializes in Rio’s Carnival, said in an interview. Brazil’s first confirmed coronavirus case was Feb. 26, one day after this year’s Carnival ended. Rio’s metropolitan region, home to 13 million people, so far has recorded more than 15,000 deaths from Covid-19.


Vaccination is needed without doubts to permit large public events. Samba schools suspended float construction, costume sewing, dance rehearsals, and also social projects. Rio’s Carnival was suspended was previously suspended in 1912, following the death of the foreign relations minister. The mayor of Rio, at the time Brazil’s capital, postponed by two months all licenses for the popular dance associations’ Carnival parties.