Fashion house issues apology after public outcry over press release


was accompanied by a photo of grieving Amy Adams. Adams was shown heading to Philip Seymour Hoffman's funeral in New York. She was indeed also carrying the $2500 bag in her hand but the context of Valentino's shameless ad sparked public outcry.

Amy Adams and many other actors and actresses mourned the loss of late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman who died earlier this month from a suspected drug overdose. After a 911 call on February 2nd he was found dead in his apartment and there was nothing medics could have done except pronounce the death.

Amy Adams was very fond of the actor and in numerous occasions talked about what a great actor he was and how she wished more people had a chance to work with him.

Valentino apologized for the tasteless promotional ploy through a post on their official Twitter channel page. Their apology read: "We regret releasing a photo of Amy Adams with a Valentino bag. Unaware of the circumstances it was a mistake and we apologize to Ms. Adams"


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