Police to put a stop to hair-stealing commandos in Venezuela


Last month there were so many such complaints from both men and women in Venezuela's second largest city: Maracaibo that authorities finally raised an alarm. The hair muggers can get up to $1,000 for braids sold as hair extensions to salons.

Out of fear of becoming an unsuspecting victim to hair muggers some women decided to cut their long hair and sell it themselves or donate their long hair to children who lose theirs to different diseases. Venezuelans are not happy that the government got involved only after the media was flooded with reports of women being robbed and beaten for their hair.

Many women went to Hair Donation Day in Caracas on August 25. As if it wasn't bad enough Venezuelans already endure staggering levels of street crime now they have something new to fear. Because of the fear of muggers who can chop off their hair some disconsolate women chose to donate their hair to children who lost their because of cancer.

Now Police officers watch out the streets and protect people from hair stealing street gangs. But until a law is made to put a stop to this phenomenon, men and women won't ever feel safe against this new kind of crime.


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