Kate Middleton’s Nose a Hit among New York Women


Lenox Hill Hospital’s director of facial plastic surgery, Dr. Thomas Romo, says that he has already performed 100 similar procedures which cost about $10,000 to $12,000. He added that Middleton’s nose is attractive to most women because it is natural-looking and complements most women’s facial features. Dr. Romo added that women above 28 look for a nose they perceive to be regal and refined, which is another reason why they are attracted to Middleton’s nose.

Last year, $11 billion is estimated to have been spent on cosmetic surgery by Americans prompting cosmetic surgeons to maximizing on the Kate Middleton nose experience. Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg explains that his practice has created a file with dozens of Middleton’s pictures which they show to patients during consultations. Greenberg said that he had about 20 women scheduled to undergo the $7,000 procedure next month.


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