Kate Middleton’s Nose a Hit among New York Women

New York women are said to be flocking to local plastic surgeons in search of the hottest spring accessory; Kate Middleton’s nose. The size and shape of the Duchess’s royal sniffer is said to be what draws most discerning women to it.

The Chequerboard Trend Popularized By Louis Vuitton’s 2013 spring/ Summer Collection

Showcased in October last year during the Paris Fashion Week, Louis Vuitton’s 2013 spring/ summer collection has inspired the chequerboard trend. Kristen Dunst, Kristen Stewart, Juno Temple, Jessica Alba and Kerry Washington have all recently been spotted in checkered looks.

The checkered look is a little bit whimsical and playful which is part of its appeal to women across the age brackets. However, Louis Vuitton’s collection presented chequerboard looks in a more grown-up, glamorous and chic style which has seen the style quickly become a favorite for a number of celebrities and fashion enthusiasts.

The Louis Vuitton collection featured checkered looks in combinations of different hues including the classic black and white, yellow and white, brown and white as well as green and white. The looks in the collection included long chequerboard dresses with full sleeves and chequerboard skirts as well.

Another appeal with Vuitton’s chequerboard look is that it looks great on everyone who has been spotted in it. The versatility of the look is also another eye-catching aspect about it. It can work for virtually any occasion and matches well with diverse accessory and hair combinations. This is definitely a trend we can expect to see more on the red carpet this year.

Greatest Fashion Names Share their Inspirations for fall 2013

The fashion month is set to official kick off sometime next week. In order to ensure you get ready for 2013 Fall inspirations, some of the top designers in the industry have shed light on what to expect on catwalks. Valentino designers, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Chiuri Grazia said their work will feature ‘Cinematic scheme of beauty’, Oliver Rousteing said you should expect ‘Latin power’, Isabel Marant says hers will be ‘images of Saint-Tropez’ while well known Jean Gaultier Paul says that it will be a ‘correspondence between fashion and music.'

Michelle Obama’s Inaugural Style

Since she took to the office alongside her husband, Michelle Obama has been an epitome of fashion buzz and she did not disappoint yesterday at President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. The first lady was all dressed up in a blue Reed Krakoff dress and she was spotting a new hairdo which is the current buzz on social media networks.