Employee stole $3.36million of car parts from Jaguar factory


The logistics coordinator from Jaguar Land Rover pulled what judges described as a “staggering theft” by ordering components from in-house with forged signatures. Before 50-year-old Simon Wensley was caught he had stolen close to 5000 components from the manufacturing plant of the company’s base in Coventry. He was also found to have been ordering engine parts that Jaguar had stopped making for years.

With the profits he made by selling the nicked parts Simon Wensley paid off his mortgage and also managed to treat his family to a fabulous lifestyle. Before judge Andrew Lockhart, from Warwick Crown Court, gave the he underlined once more the nature of Wensley’s deeds: “You told people you could obtain high-quality parts at a fraction of the true cost… Your theft was unrelenting… Unscrupulous garages and fitters have needed someone like you, someone on the inside.”.


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