Offer from GM for fearful owners of Chevrolet Volts


They always want to be in the race of survival with the other companies. If any bad report hampers their reputation then it may cause business loss for the company because in this digital world news spreads very first. This may cause a loss in the total market of the company. So they don’t take risks. As General Motors is also not taking any chance with Chevrolet Volts. The car may catch fire. So General Motors CEO told that the company will buy back the Chevrolet Volts from its owners who are afraid of its fire possibilities.

The CEO of General Motors Dan Akerson also said that the cars are safe to drive. He also added that it was an initiative taken by the company to keep its customers happy.

In the side impact crash tests three types of fires broke out in the Chevrolet Volts. The test was done by the federal government. The Chevrolet Volts is a plug in extended range electric car. It runs by electricity.

The CEO of the company also said that if needed the General Motors will recall more than 6000 Chevrolet Volts that are running in US. The company and the federal safety regulators are working on what causes the fire. As soon as they find that they will repair the cars.

The Volts caught fire after 7 to 21 days after the test that was performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety for the safety of the car. After this General Motors said that there are no possibilities of catching fire immediately after any crash. They have also said that there is no example in real world of catching fire to any Chevrolet Volts.

The investigation team of NHTSA has started their works on the cause of the fire. They have also asked for other companies to send their samples of their battery testing data. They have said that this safety concern is not raised to other cars except Volts.

It was mentioned by the CEO that the fire took place after seven days of the test. So to catch fire immediately after any accident is rear case and it may happen for any car in the world. But company wants to help the customers so they have offered the customers. And the test crash was extreme and hardly possible in real world.



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