Massive Mazda recall due to spiders being attracted by their gasoline tanks


Biologists believe that the spiders found their way to the tanks via the hoses from the warehouse.

Mazda Motor Corp. fears that a car’s engine could catch fire because of the webs such a spider creates insides the gas tanks. There were no reported cases where an engine caught on fire because of spiders but experts say that the web these spiders create will first restrict fuel flow and with time car drivers will experience reduced tank pressure and even leaks caused by the created stress.

This is not the first recall of this kind that Mazda makes. The company recalled again close to 65000 Mazda6 sedans for exactly the same reason nearly three years ago. Back then Mazda decided to solve the problem by using a spring in the vent line. This solution was meant to keep the spiders from getting to the gasoline tanks but unfortunately this ultimately failed and thus lead to another massive recall.


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