Gearbox Defects Causes Volkswagen to Recall Vehicles Sold In China


The automaker will issue a voluntary recall, following a directive from China’s General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. This recall plan will be one of the first under the new Chinese laws introduced recently giving consumer watchdogs the power to order investigations and issue fines on manufacturers who do not recall back faulty products.

In their recent statement, Volkswagen did not specify the number of vehicles that they would recall but last year in May the automaker said that they had sold about 1 million of their DSG-equipped cars in China. The vehicles fitted with the DSG technology come with two gearboxes aimed at enhancing gear changes as well as improving on fuel economy. However, the vehicles were reported to have abnormal vibrations, exhibit sudden acceleration and loss of power as reported by CCTV.

A ‘few hundred’ of the cars using the DSG technology are said to have exhibited these faults. The expose on the Volkswagen vehicles fault was aired on March 15th during the World Consumer Rights Day. Automobile company Jianghuai and (AAPL) Apple Inc were also featured on the show.


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