A new study found that majority of supplements don’t reduce heart disease risks


Only fish oil protected against heart attacks while folic acid may prevent stroke. The study also concluded that only a low salt diet could protect against heart disease and even then only in patients who did not already have high blood pressure. A real warning was issued: in some cases, supplements may even cause more harm. Research has found links between certain types of daily pills combining calcium and vitamin D and an increased risk of stroke. US scientists believe the combination may be responsible for atherosclerosis.


“This large study has a very simple message , do not waste money on these supplements,” a major conclusion of the study was. Researchers examined the effect of 16 vitamins and supplements in trials involving a million people. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the new data forms part of a wider set of results suggesting that few nutritional supplements protect against cardiovascular disease or death. However, scientists have urged caution in interpreting the results as establishing cause and effect is the field of nutrition is notoriously difficult.most people do not need to take vitamin supplements because they should receive all the vitamins and minerals they need by eating a balanced diet.


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