The fermented dairy products are better for our health, scientists say now


There are however differences between how categories of people consider to eat them. And now, some medical recommendations are substantially modified. A Finnish study from the the University of Eastern Finland found that men eating cheese, yoghurt, quark, kefir and sour milk have a lower risk of incident coronary heart disease than those who eat less of these foods. High-fat fermented dairy products, such as cheese, were not linked to the risk of heart disease. High consumption of non-fermented dairy products, so milk. as almost a liter a day, was associated with an elevated risk of heart disease.


All the mechanisms are not understood yet. It’s speculated compounds formed during the fermentation process may be protective. The researchers examined about 2,000 men between 1984 and 1989, evaluating their lifestyle and nutritional habits. The study has been published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Its conclusion is very clear: it is better to eat fermented dairy products. They have also a good taste. Let’s take this in consideration for a better, healthier life !


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