It is better to avoid low carb diet for long time, new study found


In fact, a low-carb diet could shorten life expectancy by up to four years, the study suggests. Researchers found that those who got 50-55% of their energy from carbohydrates (the moderate carb group and in line with UK dietary guidelines) had a slightly lower risk of death compared with the low and high-carb groups. Researchers estimated that, from the age of 50, people in the moderate carb group were on average expected to live for another 33 years. Previous studies the authors compared their work with included more than 400,000 people from more than 20 countries.


Researchers also found found that eating more beef, lamb, pork, chicken and cheese in place of carbs was linked with a slightly increased risk of death. Dr Sara Seidelmann, clinical and research fellow in cardiovascular medicine from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, who led the research, said: “Low-carb diets that replace carbohydrates with protein or fat are gaining widespread popularity as a health and weight-loss strategy. At the same time, a low carbohydrate diet, then exchanging carbohydrates for more plant-based fats and proteins might actually promote healthy ageing in the long term. Prof Nita Forouhi, from the MRC epidemiology unit at University of Cambridge insisted that „A really important message from this study is that it is not enough to focus on the nutrients, but whether they are derived from animal or plant sources.” So, is better to avoid low carb diet for long time.


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