Researchers concluded having early dinner is better for our health


“We focused on breast and prostate cancer, because these are the two cancers that have been mostly been associated with night shift work,” Dr. Manolis Kogevinas, the lead author of the study, told to media. Researchers found the men who reported dining at least two hours before sleeping had a 26% decrease in prostate cancer, compared to those who ate immediately before bed. Women with the same dining habit had a 16% decrease in breast cancer. People metabolize food differently based on what time they eat, this works better during day. Sleep patterns, physical activity levels, dietary habits are all important. People metabolize food differently based on what time they eat.


A University of Colorado also found that eating at night and sleeping during the day, like night-shift workers must do , alters key proteins in the blood like insulin and immune function. Such trubles can disrupt the body’s natural restoration process. Nutritionists recommend heaviest meals should be breakfast and lunch, with lighter fare in the evening. When eating right before going to sleep, or you’re not giving your body enough time to digest, you’re interrupting your metabolism and this is a bad thing.


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