Eating too much rice could contribute to an early menopause, a study found


At the opposite, the study found that women who eat omega-3 rich fatty fish and fresh legumes could delay the start of menopause by three years.The results of the study have been published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The researchers used the data from more than 14,150 women, all of them residing in the United Kingdom.


Collected data from the women included a detailed diet questionnaire, along with their reproductive history and general health. Finaly, high level consumption of refined carbohydrates, especially white rice and pasta made the difference in compared results. A follow-up survey was then conducted among the same women after a gap of four years. The reason behind the link between refined carbohydrates and early menopause is that these carbs increase risk of insulin resistance. This can in turn affect activity of sex hormones and raise oestrogen levels in the body. An early menopause has been linked with a number of health hazards, including lower bone density, osteoporosis and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. It’s not however clear how big a contribution dietary choices might make and experts say many other factors, including genes, influence timing of the menopause.


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