The head of famous Haigh Chocolates brand company in Australia died aged 93


John Haigh, the head of Australia’s oldest family owned chocolate company, , based in Adelaide, iconic South Australian chocolate brand , has died aged 93. “John was a revolutionary in the chocolate industry. He will be greatly missed and always remembered. […] He transformed Haigh’s into a manufacturer of premium-quality chocolate that is internationally acclaimed and recognised among the world’s best,” a statement of his sons Alister and Simon said. John became managing director from 1959 until 1990, when he continued on as chairman of the company’s board. Previously, he trained under master chocolatiers at Lindt and Sprüngli in Switzerland. He then visited the United States to look at production, shop styles and marketing. This year, company announced a plan of development for 10 years.


„We want to ensure that we can continue to deliver our great tasting chocolate to more Australians alongside our memorable in-store experience as well as supporting a strong online offering.” The company is offering not only apppreciated chocolate but also thousands chocolate tasting recipes for people who like cooking desserts. They can found necessary information here.