Deaths allegedly related to energy drinks


FDA received reports regarding how the highly caffeinated energy drink Monster is related to 5 deaths and one heart attack. Shelly Burgess, a FDA spokeswoman, says the reports are being thoroughly investigated.


The family of Anais Fournier filed a death lawsuit against Monster Beverage Co. The Fournier family seeks closure and wants to recover “all damages allowed by law as a result of the wrongful death of their daughter.” A big can of Monster has 240mg of caffeine, taurine and guarana (which also contains caffeine). The quantity of caffeine from 2 big cans of Monster is equivalent to 14 cans of Coca-Cola. Anais Fournier went into cardiac arrest a few hours after she finished drinking the last can.

As all other energy drinks Monster also lists a disclaimer on their cans. Their disclaimer reads: “Not recommended for people under the ages of 12 years old, pregnant women and people sensitive to caffeine, and it should not be used as a mixture with alcohol beverages”. When asked about the girl’s death and about all the other cases the company had only this to declare: “Monster is unaware of any fatality anywhere that has been caused by its drinks”.



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