The population with the healthiest circulatory system and a good hope of life time


Not a so good life, but there is however something special to say. According to a study published Friday in the British medical journal “Lancet”, the Tsimane have the lowest rates of heart disease ever measured in the world.They “have the lowest reported levels of coronary artery disease of any population recorded to date.” The scientists estimated heart disease during examinations of 705 Tsimane. The Tsimane measured much healthier than any other people studied, including groups from the United States, Europe, Korea and Japan, according to researchers. “Their arteries are 28 to 30 years younger than ours,” said Randall Thompson, one of the authors and a cardiologist. The studies of the Tsimane began in 1999 when Michael Gurven, a University of California at Santa Barbara anthropologist, first visited them.

The lifestyle factors are believed to be responsible for their healthier state. However “determining the reasons for their unique metabolism is frequently not so easy to do.” About 14 percent of the Tsimane diet is protein, 14 percent is fat and 72 percent is carbohydrate. (By contrast, the typical U.S. adult diets has more fat – about 16 percent protein, 33 percent fat and 51 percent carbohydrate, according to Centers for Disease Control statistics.) Tsimane people’s diet is also described: “carbohydrates are high in fiber and very low in saturated fat and simple sugars, which might further explain our study findings.” The Tsimanes also exercise a lot, less than 10 percent of daylight hours consist of sedentary activity.

A last question for you, now: if the heart disease may be a consequence of modernity do you like to be a Tsimane or at least to emulate their life ?


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