Jim Delligatti has died


It was first served it at his Uniontown, Pa., McDonald’s outlet in 1967. People agreed the idea and the new product became in hot demand soon. At origin, McDonald’s Big Mac was 45 cents, compared to the actual $5. The hamburger features two beef patties, a mildly tangy sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions slathered over a soft sesame-seed bun sliced into three layers. And it’s good !
(You know !) McDonald’s introduced the Big Mac on its national menu in 1968. A lot of Big Macs were sold. His creator received only a plaque. His outlet in Pittsburgh was the first in western Pennsylvania. Delligati had a normal life. two sons, five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. His two sons and two of his grandchildren are McDonald’s franchisees. The family owns and operates 21 McDonald’s restaurants in western Pennsylvania.


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