The method of a man who has the goal to live to 180 or more


According Asprey, this is included in the “180 year life” formula, but is not the only thing needed to succeed. . In fact, all is about the life style, with a lot of knowledge acquired by research, which he apply.. Asprey himself has spent over $300,000 on research to found things to optimize his mind and body. He is part of the growing biohacking movement in which people go without food for anywhere from 14 hours to several days (studies in mice suggest that temporarily abstaining from food may increase life span), but many other different habits are added. It’s also important to avoid stressing the nervous system with alerts like phones in the morning, to expose the body a few minutes daily to ultraviolet light, standing on a “biovibration platform” that vibrates 30 times a second (which he says burns calories), or standing inside a cryotherapy chamber for about two minutes. Not at least,  some daily exercise is to push the body to grow and change. In other words, if we want to have an extended life time following Asprey’s method this is not so easy and nobody know, including Asprey, if the method will produce expected result.


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