Morbidly obese 2-year-old drops BMI to 24% three years after LSG surgery


Medics saw the boy at age of 14 months when he weighed a worrying 46 pounds. It was determined that the weight-gain was not due to genetics heredity or due to a brain tumor. The child's parents were instructed to keep their son on a strict diet for the next months when he was scheduled for another checkup. When medics saw the child again he gained another 17 pounds.

Even though the baby boy's parents were told how important this prescribed dietary regimen really is and that full compliance is a must, the boy gained mass mainly because parents did not calculate the caloric value of the diet. Another excuse for the parents could be their different socio cultural habits.

The child suffered from bowing of the legs and severe sleep apnea. This was one of the main reasons why doctors decided to perform LSG surgery. Now after three years have passed since the boy had weight loss surgery doctors concluded that reshaping the boy's stomach to look like a banana had great effects. The child's BMI dropped from 44.1 to 24 and his general health condition is good.


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