Study reveals a natural way to get a great looking skin


According to a recent study, where both scientists and nutritionists participated, here is the top of best fruits or food which include special nutrients: Avocados (for the Vitamin B and Niacin); Berries (for the Vitamin C which helps build collagen); cottage cheese (for Seleniu and the Vitamin E); Almonds (for the fatty acids);  potatoes (for the big amount of copper, zinc and Vitamin C); yogurt (because this is high in protein);Mango (containing an important quantity of Vitamin A and antioxidants) and more.

Researchers found that the secret behind how one could benefit from the special qualities of those foods is to consider adding them to your diet on a regular basis. Preserving their natural form as much as possible when consuming matters a lot.The big advantage is that anyone can use these without limitations due to age or previous treatments. Instead of drugs you can just have a healthy meal and get that great looking skin.


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