Mature fat women have higher risk for cancer, a new medical study revealed now


This conclusion resulted after testing many people. The study showed that generally a greater weight can be associated with diseases including cancer. The idea is not however to link obesity and cancer as a cause and effect but to reveal that an abnormal growth is the result of an earlier hormonal imbalance and to investigate the possible cause of a future cancer.

The fat is not itself provoking cancer. It is only a criteria for selecting vulnerable people.
Geoffrey Kabat, lead author of the study, said this in clear words: “There’s an intriguing indication that things going on in early life appear to feed into a process that may increase the risk for various cancers.”
So, this is not a real warning. Statistics aren’t sustaining this and the results should not lead to panic. What it is really important here is the consequence of this observation for other scientific researches in the future to clarify more aspects about the cause of the cancer and the favoring factors.


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