Tragedy in Bihar, India: 23 children died after eating at school


The established diagnostic was organophosphorous poisoning. Those substances are contained in pesticides and one hypothesis is that the food oil was accidentally stored into an improper recipient. Authorities discovered a container of pesticide in the school’s cooking area.

Police forces are trying to elucidate this gruesome story while considering several variants. However, after the incident, the headmistress of the school disappeared. Because of this the real cause of the drama is more difficult to clarify.
It seems that the school cook is also in a hospital but that day another cook made the meal.
The symptoms in organophosphorous poisoning include convulsions, respiratory arrest and coma. In many cases rapid death is imminent.

The tragedy in Bihar appeared to be unprecedented. This drama generated a major trauma to all the parents from the village. A violent demonstration developed near the local Police station. People chanted political slogans denouncing the state government and manifested against the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.



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