Parents Place 11 Year Old Autistic Son On Liquid Marijuana


Alex Echols was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis, which is a rare genetic condition causing unregulated tissue growth within organs. In Alex’s case, he experienced growths within his brain leading to autism and seizures. Alex is said to have began experiencing seizures before 2 months old and his condition escalated by age 3. He began inflicting injury upon himself and no mediation seemed to work. When he turned 8, his parents made the overwhelming decision to admit him to a group home.

The Echols saw a new story about how an autistic California boy had benefited from medical marijuana and that was when they considered it as a possible treatment for their son. Alex was approved into an Oregon medical marijuana program in 2010, making home one of the 58 minors who are currently on the program.

His seizures are said to have been what qualified him for the program and not his autism. Alex received medical marijuana in liquid form 3 times a week from his parents, because the staff at the group home won’t administer it to him. His parents stressed that the medical marijuana has improved their son’s condition, but not cured his symptoms.


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