The new coronavirus discovered in China can be transmitted from human to human

An aggravated situation linked to thew coronavirus discovered in China was announced. In just 72 hours, more than 150 cases of people infected were reported.

In fact, China confirmed first time the human to human transmission of the new virus. There are fears of a major outbreak. "Currently, it can be said it is affirmative that there is the phenomenon of human-to-human transmission," Zhong Nanshan, head of the National Health Commission, said on Monday. 14 medical personnel helping with coronavirus patients have also been infected. The new virus was also found in Japan, Thailand and South Korea. Experts believe the epidemic "can still be controlled", the National Health Commission said on Sunday. Passengers are being screened at some airports.


China's President Xi Jinping said on Monday that safeguarding people's lives should be given "top priority" and that the spread of the epidemic "should be resolutely contained." The virus causes symptoms of viral pneumonia, and has already led to several deaths. Little is known about the new disease.  Initial symptoms of the novel coronavirus are mainly fever with some experiencing coughing, tightness of the chest and shortness of breath. Scans on some patients have shown fluid in the lungs.