Vaping affects the blood vessels, researchers found


The scientists proved a reduction in blood flow in the femoral artery of the participants in the study after just one vaping experience. “These products are advertised as not harmful, and many e-cigarette users are convinced that they are just inhaling water vapor,” the lead author of the study Alessandra Caporale said. In fact, „the solvents, flavorings and additives in the liquid base, after vaporization, expose users to multiple insults to the respiratory tract and blood vessels.” More than 150 cases of lung damage after vaping have been reported in 16 states since the end of June. A study published in the journal Pediatrics last year already found a number of different toxic chemicals in e-cigarettes, including one linked to several types of cancer.


The researchers identified the mechanism of changes in blood vessels in the study. They also issued warning about how dangerous this is. “The endothelium, which lines the inside surface of blood vessels, is essential to proper blood circulation. Once the endothelium is damaged, arteries thicken, and blood flow to the heart and the brain can be cut off, resulting in heart attack or stroke.” An investigation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is on the way to clarify how many lung problems reported across the country are linked to vaping. Teens are particularly affected.


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