The world’s first Anti-Hiv gel was developed in Kenya


UniPron has been found to not only act against HIV but can also be used to protect against pregnancy by killing sperms and as a lubricant. If the human trials are successful, Kenya could be the first country in the world to put an effective anti-HIV microbicide in the market. Dr. Mwethera, the principal inventor of UniPron, explains that the gel has lemon juice, amongst other things. In 2015, UniPron won the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Award and Africa Union Innovation Award in 2013.

Kenyan people

As a result of research carried out at the Institute of Primate Research, a premier biomedical World Health Organization collaborating centre in collaboration with a local Pharmaceutical Company-Universal Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited, UniPron was formulated, developed and patented  as vaginal microbicidal contraceptive gel. n addition, UniPron was found to be effective as a microbicide against N. gonnorhoea, G. vaginalis, H. ducryi, C. albicans, and E. coli in vitro and was effective as a nonhormonal vaginal contraceptive. For the Kenyan government this research is a part of the millennium development goals.


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