Positive results of a cancer treatment were discussed in Atlanta


The first CAR-T therapies were approved in 2017 for some leukemias and lymphomas. Later in some tests The modified cells were injected directly into the chest where the tumors were. Some patients were well enough to better respond to complementary treatments. Two of 15 had signs of cancer disappear for about a year. A good thing, there were no severe side effects although some patients had temporarily low blood counts and fatigue.


There were signs of helping in other cancer cases in another study. Two of the 10 patients had all signs of cancer disappear, one for 17 months and the other for nearly three years, so far. Several foundations and charities paid for the work and many researchers teams in the world were involved. Results were discussed Sunday at an American Association for Cancer Research conference in Atlanta. At this time however current CAR-T therapies produced in laboratories are around $400,000 but the hope is for a lower cost when they will become available on the market.


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