Scientists in Israel have a strong believe they found the cure for cancer


“We believe we will offer in a year’s time a complete cure for cancer,” Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBI) chairman Dan Aridor said. They developed a multi-target toxin (MuTaTo) that kills cancer cells, essentially working like an antibiotic, using peptides.  The big news is fact that „cure will be effective from day one, will last a duration of a few weeks and will have no or minimal side-effects at a much lower cost than most other treatments on the market.” However, there are are no human trials until now. The scientific world maintains a skeptical attitude asking for more evidence and more data.


Cancer experts say it sounds too good to be true. But that not means negation. “We all have hope that a cure for cancer can be found and found quickly,” chief medical officer J. Leonard Lichtenfeld of American Cancer Society said. Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd prepares to begin a round of clinical trials which would be completed within a few years. The treatment will eventually be personalised and a specific cocktail of the drugs will be given to patients based on their type of cancer, Dr Morad told. An estimated 18.1 million new cancer cases are diagnosed worldwide each year, according to reports by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. Preliminary research is promising. Before a drug can move from mice to humans, it must undergo rigorous testing according to the Food and Drug Administration.


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