A Chinese woman has a very rare hearing disorder


At the hospital, Chen was treated by Dr. Lin Xiaoqing, a woman, who noted that while Chen was able to hear Xiaoqing’s voice, she couldn’t hear the voice of a nearby male patient. This occurred overnight. Her doctor from Hong Kong diagnosed the woman with reverse slope hearing loss. That means she can no longer hear low frequencies, which include the average male voice. Doctors are optimistic thinking this is a temporary condition. However the cause is only believed to be stress and fatigue.


The Thigpen Hearing Center notes that multiple factors, including genetics and illness, can contribute to this particular condition. Ms Cheng was initially suffering from ringing in the ears and vomiting. only 13,000 people are affected by this hearing condition in the world, about 3,000 in the U.S. and Canada. Sometimes patients and doctors are unknown to the disease. Humans detect sounds through the vibration of tiny hairs inside the ears, and over time (or because of genetics, injury or drug use) those hairs can become brittle and prone to breakage.


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