Energy drinks consuming can be dangerous for some people categories, a new study found


The habit to drink them when people do exercise is even more bad. Exercise and sports require maximum blood flow so oxygen can get to cells quickly but energy drinks reduce the vessels’ diameter and restrict blood flow and oxygen delivery. “These drinks are not intended for children,”said lead researcher Dr. John Higgins, professor of medicine at McGovern Medical School at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston. He also warned that people under 18, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, caffeine-sensitive individuals, those taking stimulants or caffeine-based drugs or those with heart disease should stay away from energy drinks.


The study found that endothelial cells of blood vessels modify when consuming energy drinks, related to ingredients such as caffeine, taurine, sugar and other herbals. Vital organs are suffering because that. Heart attack and stroke risk increase. A metabolic syndrome was defined. Most energy drinks contain high levels of sugar which is known for negative effects. Consdering only Caffeine, it can  cause blood vessels to contract and releases adrenaline, a hormone that can temporarily increase blood pressure. The new findings will be presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2018 in Chicago, which takes place from November 10 to November 12.


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