Lyme disease is now a threat all around America


“Lyme disease is a bigger risk to more people in the United States than ever before,” said Harvey W. Kaufman, M.D., senior medical director for Quest Diagnostics and head of the Health Trends research program responsible for the report. It’s supposed changing climate conditions allow ticks to live longer and in more regions this may be a factor into disease risk. It’s possible that soe people, even infected, to not suspect the Lyme disease because its symptoms are flu-like, such as fever, headache, and fatigue. In fact a positive result for Lyme isn’t a diagnosis of the disease, that can only be made by a doctor.


In the study, some results might be detecting undiagnosed cases of Lyme that happened long before someone visited the doctor, or even cases that had already been treated with antibiotics. And some cases, particularly in states with low numbers, might have been caught while the person was traveling elsewhere, rather than represent a native infection. What is really important is to know what to do to reduce the risk. Lyme disease is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks.Prevention includes wearing long pants. Using pesticides to reduce tick numbers may also be effective. If a thik was removed of the body, a single dose of doxycycline may be used to prevent development of infection. If untreated, symptoms may include loss of the ability to move one or both sides of the face, joint pains, severe headaches with neck stiffness or heart palpitation. Despite appropriate treatment, about 10 to 20% of people develop joint pains, memory problems, and feel tired for at least six months.


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