Taking saunas baths helps the human body like the exercise, researchers found


This is already a common fact in Finland, as a life-style. But now, researchers found that people who take saunas regularly have lower rates of cardiovascular disease and fewer problems with blood pressure and even have a better mental health. Exposing regularly to hot temperatures seems to be associated with a better quality of life. It was proved, hot baths can provide health benefits similar to exercise, including reduced inflammation, improved blood sugar, and lower blood pressure. A sauna , or sauna bath, as some studies describe them , refers to spending a brief period of time in a hot, dry room.


According to the study, temperature at head level ranges from 80- to 100°C, while temperatures tend to be lower closer to the floor. People can pour water on hot rocks to increase the room’s humidity, which usually varies from 10% to 20%.The practice of seeking out health benefits by forcing your body to cope with hot and cold temperatures is known as “environmental conditioning” among fitness experts. those who hop in the sauna more often see their risks of cardiovascular problems like strokes, high blood pressure, heart attacks, or death drop by 37% to 83%. Frequent sauna bathers also have more than a 60% reduced risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Saunas decrease inflammation, boost the immune system, and reduce certain signs of physical stress.The authors of the study think. saunas may be beneficial in ways similar to exercise.


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