More coffee seems to contribute to a better life


. Health benefits WERE recorded in drinkers of instant, ground and decaffeinated coffee. Late last year, researchers at the University of Southampton in the U.K. found people who drink three or four cups of coffee every day could significantly reduce their chances of early death. It’s another piece of good news for coffee lovers. “Coffee drinkers, compared with non–coffee drinkers, were more likely to be male, white, former smokers, and drink alcohol,” a conclusion said.


In the 10 years of follow-up, more than 14,000 people died. But non-coffee drinkers were more likely to have died than coffee-drinkers. There are several possible explanations for the health benefits of coffee. Coffee has antioxidants. It might reduce inflammation in the body, improve how insulin gets used, it might help liver function and it might benefit the linings of the blood vessels. There is some evidence that coffee can help people recover from colon cancer, lower diabetes risk and reduce the inflammation associated with diabetes and heart disease.


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