The „smelling man” has died suffering from horrible disease


For the man it was the beginning of the tragedy. Guitarist Andrey Suchilin, 58, a Russian musician, received medical care and was diagnosed in Portugal with tissue necrosis, a condition that caused his skin and muscle tissue to die. He was put in a medically-induced coma and received several operations to remove the dead skin. But doctors failed to stop the necrosis spreading and Suchilin ultimately died from organ failure.

Guitarist Andrey Suchilin

It however remains unclear how he contracted necrosis. Cancer, toxins, injuries and infections as possible causes of the condition were enumerated for the instant. Necrosis usually initiates an inflammatory response in the surrounding areas of cell injury, which may be contained locally. However, severe necrosis may also lead to systemic inflammation in the remote organs, such as thymus, spleen, and small and large intestines. Andrey Suchilin has long been regarded as one of Russia’s best guitarists and the progenitor of rock and roll in his country. He lost his life after sbeing in a vacancy in Gran Canaria , where his health problem was diagnosed as “a simple beach infection,” curable by antibiotics.


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